Speaking Events

CNADP hosts and co-hosts speaking events throughout the state to provide a broad range of perspectives on the death penalty.  Please click here to reserve a speaker.

Read about some of our recent speakers:

A picture of Shujaa Graham

Shujaa Graham

Shujaa Graham, who was wrongly sentenced to death in California, visited Connecticutin February of 2011 to speak at events around the state. Here is an article about a talk he gave inNorwich.

Bob Curley, from the neighboring state of Massachusetts, visited Connecticutin October of 2010 to share the story of his son, Jeffrey, who was murdered at the age of 10. After years of healing and even advocating for the death penalty, Bob Curley is now a strong supporter for repeal. Check out this article   about one of his speaking events in Connecticut.

Raise Your Voice for Repeal

A picture of Bob Curley

Bob Curley

CNADP is honored to work with many individuals around Connecticut who have a unique perspective on the issue, and who are passionate about repeal. Three specific types of voices have become a major part of the campaign to end the death penalty:

Family members of murder victims who oppose the death penalty

  • Law enforcement officials who oppose the death penalty
  • Religious leaders who oppose the death penalty, or who represent a faith group that opposes the death penalty

Members of these three communities have signed a joint letter in support of repealing the death penalty. If you can identify with any of these and want to add your signature to the letter, please click here to download the letter, fill it out, and send it to CNADP.