Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach Program

The CNADP Campus Outreach Program is part of our efforts to educate and mobilize students across the state on college and high-school campuses around the issue of capital punishment. Campus Outreach Coordinators are volunteers that are appointed for outreach to their campus.

Coordinators are responsible for:

  1. Visiting student groups to make them aware of the efforts in the state to abolish the death penalty and what they can do to be active in those efforts;
  2. Organizing educational events tailored towards students on their campuses such as bringing in a speaker to talk to students about the death penalty, hosting a film screening, or setting up an informational table on campus;
  3. Mobilizing students to engage in action at key times such as during high-profile press conferences, legislative votes, rallies, marches, etc.

Campus outreach coordinators work with a CNADP staff to provide them with updates, information, and resources to help them in educating and mobilizing students on their campuses. If you are interested in serving as Campus Outreach Coordinator for your campus, or want to know if there is an organized effort on your campus, please contact CNADP project dircetor David Amdur at or 781-249-9320