Abolition Sundays & Letter Writing

A handwritten letter is the most effective way to reach our legislators. Write a letter, and encourage others to do the same by hosting an “Abolition Sunday” or a “Letter Writing Party”!

  Abolition Sundays
Host a Letter Writing Table at Your Church

  • Are you a religious leader looking for a program on the death penalty for your church?
  • Are you a member of a congregation looking for a way to get others involved?

Congregations around the state are raising their voices against the death penalty. Hosting a letter writing table at your church is an easy, powerful way to ensure that your congregation’s voice is heard. CNADP can help plan this program by providing letter writing supplies, training volunteers, and assisting with publicity for your Abolition Sunday.

For more information, please contact Sheila Denion at Sheila@cnadp.org or 860-231-1489

Letter Writing Parties
Grab some friends, write some letters, and have some fun!

Letter writing parties are a great way to inspire others to action. If you enjoy hosting parties, consider hosting a party that gives your guests a chance to learn more about the death penalty, and make a difference in our state. At your party, provide time and space for guests to write letters to their legislators, urging them to vote to repeal the death penalty inConnecticut.

Grab your friends and loved ones, prepare a few snacks, and set out the stationary! Please contact the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty (CNADP) for resources and help planning your party.